How long have you been doing readings for?

 I started to offer readings for family and friends over 30 years ago. I have been reading professionally for over 5 years.

Are international payments accepted?

Yes. The booking app is linked with Stripe which enables payments to be made from anywhere in the world.

Is there any preparation required prior to a session?

It is important to have as minimal distractions as possible and a quiet setting.

How are sessions done?

All sessions are via Zoom, and can be recorded.

How are you able to do all of your sessions online?

One word .... energy! Energy is everything. I am a highly intuitive and sensitive person. I literally can feel energy online equivalent to me being right in your living room.

You mention the term "team" a lot. What do you mean by it?

Each person has a team that consists of spiritual beings that are guides, loved ones in spirit and the angelic realm.

What can I expect during an intuitive guidance session?

During these sessions, I connect with your team and use oracle cards. Your team will deliver messages, guidance, information, tools and practices that will assist you in your life.

During a regression session, will I be hypnotized?

Yes, I will assist you with relaxation so that you will experience your session in a mild to moderate meditative state. You will be fully aware of everything that is going on. Most people recall everything during a session. A recording of the session will be made available.

What can I expect during a regression session?

During a regression session, I will assist you in entering a calm, and peaceful relaxed state. After you have relaxed, I will assist you in diving into the layers of both your present and past lives. Healing will begin once we uncover the root causes that are impacting your present life.

What can I expect during a coaching session?

During a coaching session, I will focus on the area(s) of your life that you are seeking guidance and direction about. Your team will share information that I need to know to assist you, and help with tools and practices to make desired changes in your life.

How often can you book a session?

I always recommend to trust your inner knowing and nudges. When you feel the nudge to contact me to book a session, I believe you are receiving that nudge for a reason. I have clients that have weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly sessions.